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1885 Daimler Reitwagen

The air-cooled single-cylinder engine with a displacement of 264 ccm and 0.5 hp is installed between the wheels under the seat of the solid wooden frame. A flat belt with a countershaft transmits the engine power. The Reitwagen can be set in motion or braked via the dual function of the belt tensioner (clutch-brake-lever) as a starting clutch and as a brake. The two sets of differently sized pulleys allow two transmission ratios by changing the belt. The rear wheel drive is realized via a pinion and an internal gear rim.

The Reitwagen is fully functional and ready to drive


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Technical data


1885 Daimler Reitwagen

enginefour stroke gasoline engine
cylinders1 / standing (closed crankcase)
bore / stroke (mm)


displacement (ccm)


compression ratio


power output (hp at 1/min)

0,5 / 600

carburetorsurface carburetor
lubricationdrip lubrication
ignitionglow tube ignition
driveengine - flat belt - countershaft - pinion - internatl gear rim in the rear wheel
clutchBy tensioning the flat belt, operated by clutch-brake-lever
transmission2 gear ratios, using pulleys of different sizes
brakebrake shoe on rear wheel, operated by clutch-brake-lever
wheelbase (mm)

1080 mm

dimensions (mm)

1800x600x1070 (LxBxH)

wheelswooden spokes, front diameter 670 mm
tiresiron over wood rim, width 35 mm
weight (kg)